Olivia Webb – A Rising Star in Theater and Film

Olivia Webb
Olivia Webb

Olivia Webb, a British actress, singer, and producer, is rapidly making a name for herself in the realms of theater and film in both London and New York. With a background that includes being a finalist in the English Speaking Union Shakespeare monologue festival and a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain since 2018, Webb’s journey into the performing arts has been both diverse and distinguished.

Webb’s academic journey led her to The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City, where she graduated in the class of 2023. This educational milestone was only the beginning of what has become a burgeoning career in the arts. Following graduation, Webb secured a role in Chris Chi’s film ‘Grieving,’ set to make its rounds in the 2025 festival circuit. Her versatility is further showcased through her work with ‘Living Radio,’ where she has played an array of characters, from a ‘Rachel from Friends’ type to a German groundhog named ‘Gunter.’

Her recent theatrical endeavor, an off-off Broadway production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ at The Court Square Theater, has been met with critical acclaim, boasting an 83 on Showscore. In this production, Webb not only played the lead role of Viola but also took on the mantle of producer, demonstrating her multifaceted talent and leadership capabilities. This success has paved the way for the founding of Willow Tree Productions, a theater company with a mission to offer non-union and immigrant actors the same level of work and treatment as their union counterparts.

Beyond acting, Webb is also a trained classical singer who has performed at prestigious venues including London’s Royal Festival Hall and Lincoln Cathedral in England. Her passion for Shakespeare, kindled in childhood by her dyslexia, has been a constant source of inspiration and challenge, leading her to embrace the complexities of the Bard’s work with enthusiasm and skill.

Webb’s origin story in acting is as heartwarming as it is inspirational. At the tender age of seven, she played Sir Guy of Gisbourn in a school production of ‘Robin Hood,’ a performance that her mother recalls as naturally gifted. This early exposure to acting, combined with her diagnosis of dyslexia, led Webb to discover a love for Shakespeare that has guided her career path. Her decision to pursue acting was solidified in her late teens, leading her to audition for numerous acting schools in London and ultimately find her place at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City, thanks to a “no pressure” audition that opened the door to her professional career.

As Webb announces the upcoming comedy and improv show ‘Twisted Twelfth’ at the SOMAShakes Festival in July, and with casting announcements on the horizon, her journey from a young enthusiast in a school play to a professional actress and producer illustrates a trajectory of growth, resilience, and passion for the performing arts.

Follow Olivia Webb’s journey and updates on her theater company, Willow Tree Productions, through her personal Instagram @ojmwebb and the theater company’s Instagram @willowtreeproductions.

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