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Battle Royale Games

8 Games That Could Use Battle Royale

Ever since EPIC reworked Fortnite from a cooperative co-op, zombie hunting game, to a near feature for feature copy of Player Unkown’s Battleground, the Battle Royale format has become one of the hottest video game trends of all time. And since PUBG only pushed forward the concepts of previous games like Mine craft and World...

Cheap summer weekend getaways

Cheap Summer Weekend Getaways

It is finally summer! The temperatures are high, the water is cool…and you have no money for a vacation. It is a reality that many of us face. We are working hard all week long, and want nothing more than a short break. By the time you factor in transportation, lodging, food and other expenses,...

fashion movies

Fashion: From Romantic Comedies to Documentaries

Humans tend to take inspiration from outside sources. Planes were designed with the body of a bird in mind. The printing press was invented because of the looming thoughts of having to hand write everything, forever. Who wants to do that when you can mass produce copies for profit? Dog toys are based off of...

The most painful places to get a tattoo

The Most Painful Places to Get Tattooed

Tattoos are painful, but it is often described as the kind of pain that is addicting…that is if you know the right places on your body to tattoo. Choose wrong and you are in for a world of pain, possibly regretting your decision and putting you off the idea of ever doing it again. The...

internet beauty hacks you should avoid

10 Internet Beauty Hacks You Should Avoid

It’s 2018, and just like gas prices, beauty products keep skyrocketing in price. If you want to DIY repair your home, you head to Home Depot. If you want to save your hard earned cash on beauty products, you get creative. Thanks to Instagram, YouTube, and Google, it’s never been easier to turn everyday household...

white wine guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing White Wine

Wine is red, Wine is white, How do you choose Which one is right? Choosing the right wine to fit a signature dish or look knowledgeable when going out to eat at a restaurant is not always the easiest thing to do. You can take a guess or go along with what everyone else is...

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