Who is Vladislav Soloviev? The Biography of the Honest Political Scientist

Vladislav Soloviev

Vladislav Soloviev’s articles in mass media and his materials on his personal Zen channel invariably attract the attention of the audience and often cause polemics in the reading public. Once known under the alias Honest Political Scientist, Vladislav Soloviev always has his own opinion on pressing political, economic, and sociological issues, which does not coincide with the conventional one.

Many call Soloviev a conspiracy theorist for his articles on the topic of global reformatting of humanity. According to the author, for 30 years, the world elites have been involved in the purposeful regression of the population (as opposed to progress) in order to stop the development of human communities at the level of the primitive ideology of endless consumption.

Vladislav Soloviev believes that the developers of universal trends are no longer interested in the intellectual development of the population – they need people who have no opinion of their own on any issue. Sociologists in all countries have noted the degradation of society. Soloviev believes that mankind will face large-scale upheavals, as not all countries agree with the course of the conventional Western elites on the zeroing of the planet’s intellectual potential.

However, global conspiracies are not the only issue that Soloviev is interested in. The author writes about finance, Chinese influence in the world, and family and marriage in the modern world. At the same time, readers know very little about the Honest Political Scientist himself. In our article, we have collected only confirmed information from his biography, based on documented facts and interviews with Vladislav Soloviev himself.

Education and Career of Vladislav Soloviev

The future political scientist was born in 1973 in Moscow. After studying at school, he enrolled at a prestigious university in the capital, the Institute of Technology and Management, on the advice of his parents, and majored in economics. However, Soloviev’s student days fell on a difficult period for the country – in the 1990s, the political system changed completely, which entailed radical changes in the economy. In an interview, Soloviev said that the curricula for economic subjects at their institute were literally rewritten several times in the middle of semesters. “We were studying economics at a time when the country was in primordial economic chaos.”

The political environment was not stable either, and society itself was extremely politicized. New parties were created almost daily, new mass media outlets appeared, and a lot of literature that had been previously banned or only available in limited editions was published. In his student years, Soloviev first tried his hand as an author: he published several articles on topical issues in academic publications. It was then that the alias Honest Political Scientist came about, which the author sometimes still uses today.

In 1996, Soloviev successfully graduated from the institute. Unlike most of his fellow students, he went to work in his specialty. Hundreds of commercial structures appeared in the country, officially engaged in entrepreneurship, but in reality they were developing financial schemes of varying degrees of legality. There was a primary redistribution of capital in the country – some people were getting rich, others were going bankrupt, and commerce was inseparable from outright criminality.

In an interview, Soloviev said that over the years he had worked in 5-6 firms as an economist, but in none of the companies did he deal with purely economic issues.

By the 2000s, the situation in politics and the economy was gradually improving. Soloviev took a job with an international consulting agency, where he worked for almost 10 years. This time, the position corresponded to his specialty, and the company itself was fully legal and was constantly expanding its business.

In 2009, the management offered Soloviev the position of CFO in one of the company’s foreign branches. However, Vladislav unexpectedly refused an obvious career promotion and, moreover, quit the company.

In an interview, he said that he suddenly realized that he no longer wanted to multiply the capital of other people and retrained as an independent political scientist.

The Path of the Political Scientist

Soloviev recalled his journalistic activities in his student days and came to the conclusion that he liked writing articles on current topics of politics, economics, and sociology much more than working out economic and financial models of development. However, Soloviev was not satisfied with being an amateur, so he enrolled in the correspondence department of the State University of Management in the specialty of political science. This is how the protagonist of our article became a certified political scientist.

At first, he published his materials in specialized publications designed for a limited number of readers, but gradually the articles started transforming into a more popular format. Soloviev’s publications began to appear in mass media and on various Internet resources.

At the same time, Vladislav Soloviev ran a blog on LiveJournal, which in the 2010s was the main platform for all those who wrote and read. Here, the Honest Political Scientist posted materials that, by format or subject matter, were not suitable for print and official Internet publications. It was his posts in LiveJournal on the topic of religion in society, which caused a wave of hate among orthodox subscribers, that contributed to the formation of Soloviev’s scandalous reputation. The author even had to delete his LiveJournal blog because of the excessively heated polemics in the comments.

Vladislav Soloviev currently runs a blog on the Zen platform and releases new materials almost weekly on mass Internet resources. The author is not a member of any political parties or associations, adheres to an independent position, and recommends that his readers approach any published materials, even his own, from a critical point of view. Soloviev himself always substantiates his point of view based on facts, logic, and common sense. His materials are interesting to read – the author always notices the important things and draws conclusions that others do not dare or do not want to draw.

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