Finding Love and Self-Discovery with Anizzy’s New EP, “You.”


R&B artist Anizzy’s highly-anticipated EP, “You,” was finally released on 14th April and promised to be a powerful and emotional journey of love and self-discovery. Anizzy has poured his heart and soul into this EP, which showcases his growth as an artist and songwriter. Through this project, Anizzy has crafted some of the most honest and heartfelt lyrics he has ever written.

The EP features a selection of tracks produced by Matthew May, InsaneBeatz, Between The Vibes, and Anizzy himself. This project is a testament to Anizzy’s dedication to his craft, and fans are eager to experience the emotional journey that awaits them.

“You” is crafted with five tracks that will take you on an emotional journey of love with a runtime of over fifteen minutes. Anizzy’s soft and velvety voice will ring inside your mind, and the musical arrangements will touch your soul. Every song has a series of stories that will help you realize love’s beauty and make memorable moments.

Anizzy has seen success with his single “Give Me a Sign,” which has been featured on Ditto’s Emerging Artists playlists, and has had several singles, including “Passion,” “Denver,” and “The Return.” His career is on the rise, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Anizzy has proven himself to be a talented artist and songwriter with his latest EP, “You,” and fans of R&B music will not want to miss out on this emotional journey of love and self-discovery. Check out Anizzy’s latest album on Spotify and Anizzy’s Instagram page for updates.

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