Elliot Szabo is back with a new album: Brave

Elliot Szabo

Elliot Szabo has recently unveiled his latest album, “Brave.” This new studio work is the culmination of so much passion and hard work from highly skilled music industry professionals working together to create a piece of music that’s as meaningful as it is memorable.

The creation of this new release was a journey towards self-discovery, which led to Elliot developing an even further understanding of his craft and himself. The song, indeed, comes from an incredibly personal viewpoint. The artist wrote this song as a powerful statement and a reminder to embrace self-confidence after battling depression and struggling with his health. To add to the magic behind “Brave,” this release was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a legendary place where rock history was made! Naturally, Elliot immediately connected with such an awesome environment and felt it was the perfect place to record. You can now listen to “Brave” on all major platforms, including Spotify.

Listen on Spotify:




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