Doug Ferony is back on the scene we a remastered version of his 2008 album, Time After Time.

Doug Ferony - Time after Time

February 2021 – Doug Ferony is a talented recording artist with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between a wide variety of styles. Although these have been strange times for artists, Doug managed to stay productive and proactive, working on some exciting new music. His most recent release is a remastered version of the 2008 album Time After Time. Fifteen years later, these songs sound just as fresh, and the new master makes the track feel all the more balanced and dynamic.

The music on the album immediately stands out for its excellent production, and the new masters really allow more nuances to come through. Everything falls into place beautifully, and the balance makes for a good listening experience. Ultimately, I would definitely recommend listening to this new piece of music if you are a fan of music that’s timeless and soulful while also inspired by jazz and swing while keeping its unique soul. Doug accomplished something quite powerful with a potent combination of hard-hitting grooves and memorable hooks. Because of this, Time After Time is a perfect introduction to the sound of this diverse performer.

Find out more about Doug Ferony, and do not miss out on Time After Time, which is currently available on Spotify or other digital music streaming platforms.

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