6 Lessons to Pick From Jake Evan’s Gaming Journey

6 Lessons to Pick From Jake Evan’s Gaming Journey

Gaming is one of those careers that you need to be passionate about if you intend to make a living out of it. While the process can be tasking and sometimes almost impossible, it helps to have people in your corner to look up to and consult. However, mentors are not always available. Luckily for you, the experiences of game developers such as Jake Evans can help you navigate the journey and make something out of your efforts.

Who Is Jake Evans?

Jake Evans, or Crayz as he is professionally known, is a 29-year-old professional game developer from Big Sky Montana. He is one of the most talented gamers who have climbed the professional ladder with no shortcuts and relying solely on hard work, resilience, and an insatiable passion for the industry. Here are some of the lessons you can pick from his journey.

Have A Goal

When Evans started as a website designer, he didn’t work to be a professional. He was working to survive. Even so, he did not settle for basic stuff. He focused on being the best version of himself at the place he was then. However, when he quit his job in the oil fields to become a game developer, he knew that he had no option but to succeed.

 His goal was to become a knowledgeable game developer who only created user-friendly content. Evans dedicated six years of his life to learning the game, and no, he did not go to a formal school. He used online resources to self-educate and learn the ropes of the game. All this was to achieve his goal of becoming a great game developer. With consistency, patience, and the will to grow, he is now one of the best game developers there is.

Have a Strategy

In 2014, Evans set out to develop his first game. However, he knew his skills were not good enough, and he set aside the project first to hone his skills. He first made a strategy to learn everything about being a developer, then used his skills to create games that his audience would love. For six years, Evans studied everything in the industry. When he finally published his first game in 2020, it was a success.

Evans would have chosen to go ahead and create a shaky game with the little knowledge he had in 2014. However, because he took time to create a strategy and followed it, every project he has undertaken since then has been a success.

Be Patient

Becoming a sought-after game developer did not happen overnight for Evans. It took him more than six years of hard work and uncertainty. When he quit his job in Dakota, he did not know he would one day become a sensation in the gaming industry. The only thing he had was the will to learn and the belief that he would make it. And that was not easy. Here’s what Evans had to say about his journey:

“A lot of sacrifices were made in the journey. Comfort, health, friends, relationships, all for the purpose of game development. I lived nearly homeless for years as I taught myself how to create games, and often wondered whether it was ever going to work out. Many indie developers go through the same shit, many never catch a break.”

In his advice to newbie game developers, Evans advises them to be patient and trust the process. Gaming needs the patience to get to the level where Evans is.

Give it Your All

When Evans decided to become a game developer, he dropped everything else and became the best developer. Gaming is a demanding career, and he needed to clear his schedule to achieve his dreams. He spent six years studying everything there was to learn before he could publish his first game.

After becoming established as a game developer, Evans didn’t lose sight of his goals and dreams. He says that practically everything in his life revolves around his career and has no regrets about it.

Embrace Team Work

Evans started as a one-man show, but as his business grows, he has had to engage a team f experts to help him. He admits that it was hard for him to embrace the changes initially, but he has learned how to make adjustments.

In his teenage years, Evans worked with his friends to design websites and make a living out of the venture. While having a dream and following it is important, Evans admits that sometimes it takes a little help from experts to achieve it.

Be Open to Positive Criticism

Evans understands that not all criticism is meant to derail or discourage him from his path to success. Some critics give nudges in the right direction and should be given attention and responses. In his advice to fellow game developers, Evans says, “One of the most important traits is to be able to take constructive criticism the right way. Don’t be upset when you do something wrong and get called out for it, mistakes in a way, are little victories. Learn from it, grow from it, move on.”

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