Musically and Lyrically, SAVARRE’s “Blood Under the Bridge” Is Deeply Evocative and Rich!


SAVARRE is a spectra rock band fronted by lead vocalist and composer Shannon Denise Evans. The sound here is a veritable cocktail of style and a mix of genres as she happily moves from pop to rock to blues, using vintage sounds and classical or current. The track “Blood Under the Bridge” has grown into a fan favorite, especially on social media; recently, it was trending at #2 on TikTok viral songs, which is such a feat!

Evan’s vocals are unquestionable, and this track right here is sincere. At its core are those cinematic scores and the big, haunting chorus. This tune is like a musical reawakening, a battle cry from a longtime road warrior who’s nowhere near done. Vocally, Evans has never sounded better!

Its haunting features are apparent, and the well-realized crunchy riffs and the pounding drums provide that melodic edge.

Evans then pours her soul into this story, vividly painting her words over the textural arrangement. And the way she packs that powerful punch with the bold lyrics…good God, it is absolute perfection.

“Blood Under the Bridge” leans towards an indie alternative rock feel, with Evan’s soaring, magnificent vocals fitting perfectly to this style. This is such a melody-filled, emotional song that genuinely left a lasting impression on me.

Evans’s vocals are jaw-dropping on this track, and you can feel that she is performing from the heart and soul, a huge testament to an artist who knows who she is and where she’s headed.

SAVARRE’s knack for radio-friendly songs has quickly made her a major star; she has inhabited the glamorous singer-songwriter mode and is 100% worth watching!

To listen to this masterpiece, follow the attached Spotify link and let it make its way into your favorite playlist.

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