Trespasser Drops Heartfelt New Single “Wasted Time”

Trespasser - Indie/Alternative Rock Band
Trespasser – Indie/Alternative Rock Band

The indie/alternative rock sensation, Trespasser, just released a powerful new single called “Wasted Time” on May 10, 2024. This track is a deep dive into the struggles of getting over a broken relationship and finding your way forward.

Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, the band includes Clay on guitar and vocals, Natalia handling the bass and backing vocals, Hudson on keys, Jack behind the drums, and Matt on the guitar. They all met during their college days at Wesleyan University, bonding over their shared passion for music. Starting from campus gigs, they’ve now made a name for themselves with songs that hit right in the feels.

Wasted Time” clocks in at a little over 4-minutes, melding thoughtful lyrics with engaging melodies. Opening with “Run away, run away, don’t hide, can’t hide, another day, another day is gone, wasted time,” the track plunges you into the raw emotions of a breakup. It’s a straightforward song about regretting a past relationship and the frustration of not being able to move on. The person is torn, wishing they could forget their ex but finding their thoughts stubbornly lingering on what was lost.

The lyrics come from a mix of on-the-spot ideas and thoughtful discussions. Clay describes their songwriting process as a true team effort. “Everyone was throwing ideas around in our lounge when Matt played the first chords, and the song just came to life,” he said.

“Wasted Time” by Trespasser

The musical style of “Wasted Time” is inspired by a wide range of artists, from the psychedelic tunes of the Grateful Dead to the modern pop sounds of Charli XCX and Troye Sivan. This creates a dynamic atmosphere that’s perfect for both reflective moments and lively gatherings.

Clay shared some insights about the recording process, saying, “We went through several versions to get the raw emotion just right. Eventually, we found that simplicity worked best, taking us back to where it all began—in my bedroom.” Jack, who took on the mixing duties, added, “Recording in such a personal space added a level of authenticity to ‘Wasted Time’ you just can’t get in a studio.”

The band really hopes this song reaches anyone dealing with heartbreak. “If our music can make even one person feel a bit less alone, that’s a win in our books,” the group shared.

Trespasser is all about creating honest, heartfelt music. They’ve even come up with a fun name for their unique sound: “Outlaw Scrungle.” It’s clear they’re not just about making music; they’re about connecting with fans on an emotional level.

If you’re eager to see them live, catch their next gig at the 11th Street Bar in Manhattan, where they perform regularly. It’s a great place to experience their music firsthand, including “Wasted Time” and other hits.

You can follow Trespasser on Instagram, stream their music on Spotify, or find out more through their Linktree.

With every track, Trespasser aims to uplift, comfort, and energize their audience. “Wasted Time” isn’t just about the regrets of the past; it’s an anthem for embracing whatever comes next. And trust me, you’ll want to hear it.

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