James Pratt: Los Angeles Film Awards Winner Interview

It’s been a sensational year for James Pratt who he took home some big film awards over the last 12 months including, Best Actor at the 2022 Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Actor at the Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival and Best Actor at the New York Movie Awards in April.

Behind the Camera Cannes he also took home Best Director at the 2022 Cannes Film Awards for his debut feature film Malibu Crush which is out now and holding an 8.8 /10 score on imdb.

We caught up with this young man originally from Bondi Beach in Australia who now resides in Los Angeles to hear what’s coming up next in Hollywood for him and how he manages to stay focused with so much on.

What’s the most interesting TV show you’ve watched this week?

I’m watching the new episodes Yellowstone now on Paramount plus and really enjoying it. TV shows can run out of storylines by the 3rd or 4th season but Taylor Sheridan has done an impressive job as they are up to season 6 and the storylines are great.

James Pratt on the red carpet for Malibu Crush at Fox Studios

What are your first thoughts when looking back over this past year?

Rewarding, challenging and a lot of self-growth. I am starting to look back on the year and force myself to stop working and take it all in. I was flying a lot for work this year as well around every 3 weeks I was on a plane so one thing I invested in was learning how to perform and live while it’s uncomfortable.

Best Advice to Stay focused?

1) Learn to enjoy the ride not just the destination – when you’re feeling tense everything is harder.

2) Learn about how you perform best, for example some people work better In the morning, some better in the evening and plan your day around this.

3) Remember to be living a live you like, not for money or someone else’s approval. When you like what you are doing in life you have a better focus.

What was your reaction to winning some of these big awards this year

Just a feeling of thankfulness, I have been very lucky in Life, and I wouldn’t have these awards without the help I have had. Even if it’s just been people in the past telling me to follow my passion rather than playing has meant a lot to me pursuing my dream.

What’s the best advice you have for making it in Hollywood as either a director or actor.?

It’s all about hard work even those at the very pinnacle as directors, produces, actors, they still have one thing in common which is they work very hard. I’ve said this before but a personal quote for me is, “if you put $10 in you get $10 out and by that, I mean if you’re arriving in LA to be a director and you’re only speaking to 10 people a month and you’re only writing one hour on a screenplay a week you’ll get a low return. Try and double your output and see double the results.

James Pratt

Is it True you can make a film now for very little money with technology?

Right now, it’s very exciting to be a film maker because you have at your disposal high-end camera equipment that has never been this cost effective. It’s more achievable than people think, The only thing to keep in consideration is just because you make content and the camera shoots 4k, it doesn’t mean it’s going to pass what’s called a QC quality Control on a streaming platform once complete, you still have to make sure that you have clean sound and the shots are not overexposed or out of focus and your story has a structure.

Where’s your favourite place to exercise in Los Angeles.

Runyan canyon has been one of my favourite places ever since I first came to LA years ago. It’s great for hiking and exercising, I’d also recommend out in Malibu there’s some great hikes as well and surf breaks that reminds me of back home in Australia.

How has the film industry changed in Hollywood over the last five years

Streaming Services have been one of the most significant changes because it has changed the nature audiences consume content. Rather than seeing big budget films only at cinema, you can now watch these top tier films as the premiere on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu or Paramount Plus from the comfort of your own home for $8 a month. Big budget TV series are also now common on a steaming platform to keep up with the expectations the subscriber has when they wish to binge watch.

What’s your next project we can see coming up?

Skyline mist it’s an outback thriller about a detective who’s trying to find an alien spacecraft before the town kills him it’s very cinematic.

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