Darryl Elvina: It’s All About The Unconscious Mind

After setting all the goals in your life and setting out to achieve them, you still can’t seem to get through and achieve everything you set out for. Maybe you need to slow down and reflect on what you actually need, not what you need. You could also try accepting spirituality as part of the flow of things in your life and be ready to face the demons within. A coach like Darryl Elvina could come in handy in such a journey.

Darryl Elvina is a certified spiritual shaman and coach from San Diego, California. The spiritual guru is best known to his clients as Entrepreneurs Zen. He majorly works with entrepreneurs to help them break the internal spiritual barriers that limit them from achieving full potential. After years of working as a shaman and coach, Elvina says that until people are willing to work with their unconscious and deal with the demons there, they will keep running around in circles and stressing over stagnation.

How Does It Work?

According to Elvina, the first thing about benefitting from spiritual coaching is accepting that greater power controls things inside the human mind and body. He says that different associate this bigger power with God, the universe, the quantum, their higher self, or whatever works for them. However, the bottom line is that the client must accept there’s something or someone greater at work within them.

Elvina also requires the client to consent and be open to the process before starting the spirituality lessons. He says that unless the client is willing to let go and allow spirituality to play in their lives, they may not gain much from it. Elvina is, however, quick to make his clients understand that his role as the shaman or coach is to facilitate the healing; be the caller of the energy.

When attending to his clients, Entrepreneur’s Zen says that he does not heal them. He calls for energy and supports them in their healing process. He says that the energy he calls upon an individual in an hour is equal to the energy that people go for atop mountains for a week or more. The kind of energy that has profound, powerful, and rapid transformations.

How  Did This Career Come to Be?

Elvina says that he was keen on self-development and searching for the inner self as early as his teenage years. However, his future had already been laid out for him. Everyone wanted him to go the traditional way of getting a formal education and become an engineer. The only thing that Elvina had to worry about was what kind of engineer he wanted to be.

In honor of his already decided path, Elvina ended up studying Nanoengineering at UC San Diego. However, in his third year, he realized that engineering was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. At 20 years, the coach started learning and earning from copywriting as a service.

However, he did not make the six-figure salary that most business podcasts had mentioned when he learned about the trade. Elvina says that his major breakthrough came when he started looking at things from a deeper emotional perspective. He started eliminating unconscious blocks, healing old wounds and traumas, and finally got the progress he was looking for. He then joined the Huna Hawaiian Spirituality Workshop, which formed the basis of his current career. Since then, Elvina has not looked back and continues to use his profession to help entrepreneurs who are stuck like he was once stuck. It is worthwhile to note that after attending the workshop, Elvina’s income increased by 50%.

Are There Challenges?


Elvina stresses that the most significant challenge in his line of work is to dissent the myth that spiritual shamanism and coaching are rituals practiced by hippies and cults. He says, “Probably awareness. Like I said, I want to erase the stigma that spirituality is some weird thing that hippies do and can be used by everyone – especially entrepreneurs – in their daily lives.”

He says that he uses his background in marketing to shift awareness levels about shamanism and spirituality. He has always been keen to keep learning new things, and he has come to understand that there is a deeper calling to this thirst for information. After getting into Huna and starting a career as a spirituality coach, he finally understood that his calling was to help the spiritual teachings and healing.

Any Words for Aspiring Shamans and Spiritual Coaches?

This is what Darryl Elvina has to say to people who want to venture into the career:

“Focus on eliminating unconscious blocks every single day. You have to help others from a full cup.”

Learning and unlearning are part of the process. You just need to pick what’s helpful to you and drop what does not work.

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