The Best Free Graphic Design Software Available

best free graphic design software

Awesome and free graphic design software!

For those just starting out in the world of graphic design, software can be extremely expensive. Seeking out the free graphic design software is the best option to help you get started. To help you get going, we’ve collected a list of the best of the best.


Free vector art software


1. Gravit Designer

A full featured vector design app that is perfect for animations, illustrations and icon designs.

Works with: Browser, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ChromeOS
Perks: Allows on the go access with the Gravit Cloud service.

2. Vectr

Editor for 2D vector graphics, all the vector features to get you moving towards your goals. Lots of options for your design needs.

Works with: Browser, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS
Perks: Browser-based app and desktop app with live collaboration.

3. SVG-Edit

Scalable vector graphics provides a format to recreate vector drawings.

Works with: Browser
Perks: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with the option to modify the code of the program.

4. Inkscape

Another great option for focusing on the SVG format with additional features not available with other apps.

Works with: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Perks: Bitmap images tracer and importing of illustrator files.

Image editing software

5. Canva

Photo editing, color palettes, a wide selection for fonts and resources with free templates and design elements.

Works with: Browser, IOS, Android
Perks: An on-the-go app.

6. Photo Pos Pro

Photo editing without the cost. Perfect for photographers and designers alike.

Works with: Windows
Perks: Image enhancement, contrast and many advanced editing features.

7. Krita

Not your old school paint app. The best option for artists and illustrators. Full set of brushes and filters.

Works with: Windows, Mac, Linux
Perks: Stabilizers that smooth out shaky lines and modes to create seamless textures.

8. Pixlr

Overlays, boarders and effects for days! Perfect for cropping and resizing images to removing red-eye in your pictures.

Works with: IOS, Android
Perks: Similar to Photoshop, easy to use.

9. Paint.NET

Special effects which allow you to add fake perspective, blend modes and so much more.

Works with: Windows
Perks: Lots of selection tools and options for adjustments.

10. Sumo Paint

Your basic photo editing software with the ability to import documents from your hard drive.

Works with: Browser but you must have Adobe Flash Player to load.
Perks: Easier accessibility with a floating toolbar.

11. GIMP

Similar to Photoshop this free option has everything you need including cloning, enhancement and color correction.

Works with: Linux, Windows, Mac
Perks: Compatibility with all file formats

Free 3D software


12. SketchUp Free

Perfect for 3D beginners to get their feet wet and begin designing.

Works with: Browser
Perks: Free library of models for download.

13. Daz Studio

3D figure tool for posing, animation and customization. Perfect for clothes designers, creators and artists looking to go 3D.

Works with: Windows, Mac OS
Perks: Offers the same if not more services than paid versions.

14. Hexagon

Another good option for those just starting with 3D. This is the next step following Daz Studio for final rendering.

Works with: Windows, Mac OS
Perks: Freehand modeling, UV-mapping and advanced 3D paint.

15. Blender

Open source 3D content creation- unlimited 3D design.

Works with: Windows, Mac, Linux
Perks: Modeling, texturing, animation and compositing.

16. Sculptris

A great starting point for all skill levels this digital sculpting is a perfect option to get started.

Works with: Windows, Mac
Perks: Lessons and abilities gained in Sculptris can be directly transferred to ZBrush.

17. Houdini Apprentice

A free version to help expand your knowledge and abilities to better yourself as an artist and designer.

Works with: Windows, Mac, Linux
Perks: All the access and value of the paid version without the cost.

Free data visualization software


18. Google Charts

A simple infographic generator with an array of charts to choose from that connects data in real time.

Works with: Browser
Perks: Powerful yet easy to use.


A resume generator that turns you and your professional back story into an infographic.

Works with: Browser
Perks: Perfect for artist, designers and those seeking the wow factor.


Access to a wealth of design elements, fonts and much more including templates.

Works with; Browser
Perks: Ability to upload your own graphics.

21. Infogram

One stop shopping for graphs, charts and maps- except free! Data can be easily edited in real time.

Works with: Browser
Perks: Ability to use your own pictures and videos in your infographics.

Other useful free tools



A great choice for those looking to make quick yet powerful designs.

Works with: Browser, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ChromeOS
Perks: Readymade templates and design elements

23. Microsoft Expression Web 4

Designed for windows, a perfect free alternative to Dreamweaver.

Works with: Windows
Perks: A great way to explore without the cost.

24. Google Fonts

A library of open source web fonts. Perfect for exploring and designing fonts of your own.

Works with: Browser
Perks: Over 135 languages available

25. Behance

A home for all skill sets, a place for artists and designers to find work and showcase previous works.

Works with: Browser, IOS, Android
Perks: Community to network and grow

26. WordPress

Another great choice for showcasing your work, a blogging platform with a possibility to earn extra income and attract new clients.

Works with: Browser, IOS, Android
Perks: Access to resources to get you started.

27. Dribble

A platform that allows you to showcase your designs and explore what your fellow designers are doing.

Works with: Browser, IOS, Android
Perks: Networking with others.


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